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We make it easy to listen with short, digestible episodes.

EFFICIENT: This podcast is in easily digestible, 10 to 15 minute episodes. This means you can finish the entire episode on a typical commute to work.

PRACTICAL: Attorneys want to spend their time practicing law and working for their clients, not on marketing. We skip the fluff and fruitless details only full-time marketers will care about. Instead we focus on the aspects that are important on a managerial level.

ACTIONABLE: Our goal isn’t to merely educate the legal community. We want our listeners to know how to utilize the information and make better decisions. We give you specific steps to improve and take control of your firm’s future.

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Your Host: Adam Draper

Adam is never short of a diverse point of view. Having served for seven years as an Air Commando, he has seen humanity at its finest and its worst. From war-torn countries to hostage rescues to natural disasters, Adam has experienced multiple opportunities to fine-tune his problem-solving abilities. Combine that with a relentless drive and you have Adam in a nutshell: an entrepreneur. Now as the CEO of Gladiator Law Marketing, Adam helps law firms take control of their future through strategically crafted and diligently implemented search marketing campaigns.

Lawyer Marketer Adam Draper
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